Super O! is starting Kindergarten in a few weeks. As I'm sure you can all imagine, she needs to get a few immunization boosters before school starts. She's not excited about this at all! How do I explain what's going to happen without scaring her to death? She knows that shots hurt and she doesn't want them, but what can I do? I'm going to see how much it costs for a tetanus booster and maybe I'll get one. It's been several years since I had one so I'm sure I'm due.

Poor peanut! Any ideas?


  1. Like you said.. the best thing you could probably do is show her that it's not that bad by having you get a shot first. How many shots does she have to get?

  2. what they did at the vet's office, when our puppy got shots, was to put some peanut butter on a tongue depressor, & they gave him the shot while he was licking the peanut butter !! worked like a charm

    super O's nini