Gadgets, Widgets and Flash...Oh My!

I am by no means a web developer, but I have picked up a few things in my time. I'm also not into clutter (just don't look at my house!). I don't like those websites that take forever to load on a super fast broadband connection because they have so many widgets, gadgets, flash elements and graphics. I like clean pretty stuff.

With all that said, I was surfing around and found those two nifty counters over on the left side. I think they're kinda cool and fun. Like 'em?

So, in however many days it says, you can send lots of presents for me & Super O! to enjoy for our birthdays!

In lieu of presents, you can send cash!


  1. Love the counters. My daughter, Amanda, uses those on her Facebook for countdowns to vacations and other important items.

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