Kindergarten & Football

Super O! started Kindergarten yesterday. Thanks for asking and yes, I'm okay. She was in 4K last year for a few days a week so I got all of my "oh my, my baby is growing up!!!" out then.

She was so excited to start school and see her friends from last year. We bought her school supplies two weeks ago and put them in her backpack. She took them out and looked at them every single day before school started.

Last night, after we got home and settled, I opened the backpack to see what was in her folder. She had her school picture package form (They're doing them next week! What's up with that?), a sign up form for flag football (yes, she is playing!) and a "Star Student" certificate from her teacher. It said "Olivia was such a joy to have in class today. She smiled all day and is really enjoying school!". So, I guess she's gonna be one of those kids who loves to go to school. As opposed to her mother...well, we won't go there.

Yes, I said she's playing flag football. She's into all the "boy" sports and doesn't even want to consider figure skating or dance classes. After I asked her if she wants to play and she said yes, I asked her if she even knows how to play football. She replied by going into her room and getting a foam ball. She then returned to the kitchen, threw the ball on the floor and yelled "Hutt Hutt". Then she said, See, I know how to play! So, I guess she's all set! I'll be sure to post more as the season gets closer!


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