School Update!

Last night was the Kindergarten Parents Meeting at Super O!'s school. The teachers explained the plan for the year; discipline, curriculum, special programs, etc. As I sat there listening, I thought "There is no way she's going to be able to keep up with her speech delay". I had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. My poor baby!

After the meeting, I had the opportunity to speak to her teacher. I expressed my concerns and Mrs. C said not to worry. She has a plan in place to "make sure she goes to 1st grade with her friends if it's the last thing I do!!!". This is the plan...

Super O's school has a Title 1 Reading Program teacher, Mrs. S. Mrs. C was able to arrange for Super O! to have 1-on-1 time with Mrs. S for 15 minutes each morning where they go over the reading program for the day. Right now they're working on letter comprehension. After her time with Mrs. S, she goes through the regular program with the other kids and Mrs. C. Then, after lunch she has a 30 minute 1-on-1 session with the Speech & Language teacher, Mrs. H. All three teachers are focusing on the exact same things with her THREE separate times in the day. They incorporate songs, dancing, play acting and whatever else will make it fun for Super O!. Right now they're working on the letters in her name, M and S.

Mrs. C and I came up with a plan for her to send something home each day so I can continue to go over her material with her at home. Last night, we played "Letter Scavenger Hunt". I showed her what M looks like and she found EVERYTHING in the house that contained the letter. We then moved on to S and she absolutely loved the game. Mrs. C also suggested I introduce the Letter Fairy. Basically, the Letter Fairy leaves a card under Super O!'s pillow each night with a letter on it. We practice sounding out that letter and finding words that start with it. Last night was the first night the Letter Fairy came and Super O! was super excited.

Hopefully this will work for her. I spent part of my work day creating cards from the Letter Fairy. What do you think?


  1. Nana in the NW9/23/08, 3:53 PM

    orkmommy(and Super 0)--you are soooo lucky to be in a school, with a teacher, who actually cares about her students! It sounds like Mrs. C didn't waste any time getting a plan in place and the extra help that O needed. By working outside the classroom and then keeping her part of reading/language program in the class will make her feel successful without excluding her from the group time.

    Little ones brains are like sponges and I think you will be amazed at the progress she will make this year with everyone working together(at school and home).

    BTW--I LOVE THE LETTER FAIRY!! What a great idea!

    Will be checking back to see how she is doing.

  2. I love the card! Gorgeous. And I agree with nana - it's wonderful that the teacher cares.

  3. *wiping tears away*
    What a super-mommy you are! I think Super O! is well on her way to great success with such caring people surrounding her. I love the card and the game that goes with it.

    My daughter is just starting grad school for speech therapy. I'm going to send her a link to your post. I think she will like reading it and knowing what one special mom and some teachers are doing.
    Hugs ...

  4. You hang in there...it could be hard times ahead...I have been there! My son was in a Chapter 1 reading program and speech therapy until about 7th grade. Plus he has ADD but is not hyper. Encourage her to read whatever she wants, cereal boxes, signs, refridgerator magnets, just anything. Matt is now 26 and reads everything, he started out reading comic books on the toilet! I did not care as long as he read and understood what he was reading. He was 17 or so before he actually read a complete book and I was so proud of him.
    I still have tapes of his speech therapy sessions.
    It's a long road but with patience, it will all work out. Take advantage of all the extras her school offers.
    Good luck to you both.