Where did my baby go?

When did she go from being my funny toddler to my funny little girl? When did she start acting like a real person? Why didn't someone warn me?

Super O! is in Kindergarten now. She says things like "Oh yea baby!" and rocks out to songs on the radio. Her favorites are 80's classics because that's what I listen to. She's starting to get embarrassed when I want a kiss before I leave her at school. She has friends in 2nd grade! When I told her she looks nice today (it's picture day) she replied with a very polite "Thank you". If I say shit or damn, she reprimands me with a "Don't say that bad word Mom!". If she falls asleep on the couch, it's all I can do to pick her up to carry her to bed. God forbid she falls asleep ON ME because we need a crane to get us off the couch. She takes showers instead of baths and washes herself. She still needs help washing her hair, so I have that going for me. Best of all...she tells me she loves me without me saying it first! Just out of the blue "Mom, I love you!".

My baby is growing up but no matter how big she gets, how old she gets or how many kids she has, she'll ALWAYS be my baby!!!

When you're done reading this, please take a moment to pray for all of the people we lost in the 9/11 attacks and their families. Then take another moment to pray for the military personnel who fight for our freedoms. We will never forget!

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