Why are the hours left in my countdown's an hour apart? I can't figure that out...

Why does Super O! think she only needs to feed the dogs once every few days?

Why do men think it's okay to leave their dirty dishes, socks, underwear, shoes, etc. all over the house for us women to clean up?

Why do people who don't stop at stop signs and almost hit you give you a dirty look when you beep at them?

Why do cashiers insist on getting to know every person in their line when the store is at it's busiest?

Why do stupid people think they're smart?

Why do I keep posting on this blog when I don't get much traffic?

Why do people think they can send nasty emails to the author of a blog when they don't agree with their posts?

Why do we have to give a two week notice when we leave a job? It's not like we work during the last two weeks...

These are just a few of the things I'm wondering about right now. Got any of your own?


  1. Why do people in cubicles think their conversations are private?

    Why do people take up two parking places without a care?

    Why does chocolate sound better than broccoli when we want a snack?

    Why do people think a deadline is just a suggested date?

    Why do grownups forget how to play?

  2. I have a couple...

    Why do people continue to debate an issue when you know you're right?

    Why do some people have such great decorating abilities when you don't?

    Why do animals have such a shorter life span than you?

    If we evolved from apes, how come the apes aren't still turning into humans?

    I'll probably think of more after I post this... but these'll do in a pinch.

  3. Laurie, we must be on the same wave length tonight!

  4. What would life be like without rhetorical questions?

  5. On the subject of a 2 week notice:
    Why does employers want employees to give a two week notice but when they lay off or fire, there is no notice? You are the one who has to make it without a paycheck.

    Why can some people not stand for a vehicle to pass them when they are already going 80 mph (over the speed limit)?

    Why does Wal-Mart have 38 check out lanes? Even on the weekends and holidays, they do not open them all. (I have left a full cart and walked out).

    On your previous post: I love the counters! I just haven't surfed or read enough to put any up myself.

  6. Daisy, I love that one!