Happy Halloween! Arrrrgh...

Super O! has decided to be a pirate this year. She's been very much into pirates since International Talk Like A Pirate Day. They did some fun pirate stuff at school and it's just stuck with her.

Last night we tried on the whole costume to make sure everything worked together and here are the results...

Isn't she adorable! Just don't tell her I said that because pirates are NOT adorable!

While we were taking the pictures off the camera, I came across this.

Don't tell Schatzi, but I have proof that she likes Super O! sometimes!



Super O!'s latest thing is "Somebody (insert action here)". She says things like "Somebody help me" or "Somebody make Buddy get off the chair" or "Will somebody get me a drink?". The problem with this is that most of the time it's just the two of us. Her somebody is me. Is it wrong that I'd like to be called Mom instead of somebody? Usually when she says "Somebody" I'll ask her, "And by somebody, do you mean me?".

That kid...I tell ya!


Bad Mom Turned Good!

This morning I dropped Super O! off at her classroom. While we were putting her things away, I noticed several of her friends had envelopes with quarters clanking away. I knew they were doing face painting during lunch because of a big football game tonight, so I didn't think much of it because Super O! doesn't like to have her face painted. We finished our task, I kissed her goodbye and started walking towards the door. On my way, I overheard a few older students talking about the popcorn sale. The middle school students have popcorn sales frequently to raise money, but I had no idea there was a sale today. When I got to my truck, I found 50 cents and went back to give it to Super O! so she could get popcorn. I got to the classroom and saw all the kids lined up at the door waiting to walk to the office to get their tickets for the face painting and popcorn. All of the kids except for Super O! She was standing at the back of the line, off to the side, all by herself with an "I don't have money so I can't go" look on her face. My heart broke! She was the ONLY kid not in line! I walked up to her, gave her the money and asked if she wanted to get popcorn. Super O!'s face lit up like a Christmas tree. She grabbed me around the legs in a huge bear hug, looked up at my face and said "THANKS MOMMY!". I kissed her goodbye, told her to enjoy her snack and left.

As I walked back to my truck, I remembered being left out because my parents forgot something or didn't have the money for it. I never want Super O! to have to be that kid. I'm sure there will be times that I just forget, but I hope they're very few and far between.

Did that ever happen to you when you were a kid or have you ever forgotten to send something to school for your kids so they wouldn't be left out?


New Shoes?

We had a wedding to go to on Saturday which meant new clothes for me & Corey. We went to ShopKo where they have a PayLess Shoe Source. I was trying on shoes and Super O! asked where her shoes were. I told her we weren't looking for shoes for her right now, so she improvised.

I wasn't paying attention to her and didn't notice that she had decided to try on Women's size 8 1/2's until a lady came down the aisle and said "Oh my, what pretty shoes you have on". This is what she was walking around in...

Somebody call the fashion police!

I can't wait...

Until Super O! is old enough to appreciate this song with me!



So, yesterday Super O! brought home a long string of pale yellow yarn from school. I'm not sure why, but it was in her backpack. While I was getting the table ready for dinner, she brought me a section she had cut and asked me to tape it to her head. Yes, I said "tape it to her head". I explained that taping wasn't a good idea and convinced her that tying it in the back was better. I tied her headband and she was on her way.

About 5 minutes later, she comes back with a piece of white paper that she had cut into sort of a rectangle and a piece of tape. She wanted me to add it to her headband to make an eye patch! I taped it over her right eye and she went on her way again.

A while later, dinner was ready so we all sat down to eat. Super O! sat there with her make shift eye patch and the only thing she would say was "Aaargh". Corey asked if she was an Indian (yea, he's kinda clueless sometimes) and she gave him this look...

I explained that she's a pirate. Duh...

p.s. Guess what her latest request is for her Halloween costume!