So, yesterday Super O! brought home a long string of pale yellow yarn from school. I'm not sure why, but it was in her backpack. While I was getting the table ready for dinner, she brought me a section she had cut and asked me to tape it to her head. Yes, I said "tape it to her head". I explained that taping wasn't a good idea and convinced her that tying it in the back was better. I tied her headband and she was on her way.

About 5 minutes later, she comes back with a piece of white paper that she had cut into sort of a rectangle and a piece of tape. She wanted me to add it to her headband to make an eye patch! I taped it over her right eye and she went on her way again.

A while later, dinner was ready so we all sat down to eat. Super O! sat there with her make shift eye patch and the only thing she would say was "Aaargh". Corey asked if she was an Indian (yea, he's kinda clueless sometimes) and she gave him this look...

I explained that she's a pirate. Duh...

p.s. Guess what her latest request is for her Halloween costume!


  1. Love that look on her face. She is making her point without a word. No woman should be without "the look".

  2. OK looking at this picture I'm thinking to myself, self did is this really T's daughter because I don't see it.....

  3. Nana in the NW10/7/08, 3:46 PM

    Like they say....a picture's worth a thousand words!! It's only the first in many lessons of how dense a man can be sometimes.

    She sounds like a hoot! I can see how much fun and joy she brings to your life. Cherish it, enjoy it...it will be gone before you know it!

    BUT, then there's grandchildren!