Happy Halloween! Arrrrgh...

Super O! has decided to be a pirate this year. She's been very much into pirates since International Talk Like A Pirate Day. They did some fun pirate stuff at school and it's just stuck with her.

Last night we tried on the whole costume to make sure everything worked together and here are the results...

Isn't she adorable! Just don't tell her I said that because pirates are NOT adorable!

While we were taking the pictures off the camera, I came across this.

Don't tell Schatzi, but I have proof that she likes Super O! sometimes!


  1. So sweet! I mean, tough!

  2. You really DO have your very own wiener!!! I love that pic!!!

    Hallie :)

  3. adorable. ben, anna and chris are pirates this year.

  4. Tell her she is totally fierce! I like Talk Like a Pirate Day, too. Arrrgh!

    The rosey cheeks in the sleeping pictures are too precious.

  5. Too precious... You can tell you are such a proud mama!