Super O!'s latest thing is "Somebody (insert action here)". She says things like "Somebody help me" or "Somebody make Buddy get off the chair" or "Will somebody get me a drink?". The problem with this is that most of the time it's just the two of us. Her somebody is me. Is it wrong that I'd like to be called Mom instead of somebody? Usually when she says "Somebody" I'll ask her, "And by somebody, do you mean me?".

That kid...I tell ya!


  1. Too funny... for some reason tho I think she gets this from her Mom... the way you compose your words... she's imitating you. Now that's a compliment any way you look at it.

    She's going to have a great sense of humor like her momma!

  2. Nana in the NW10/25/08, 11:12 AM

    I'm a little late in commenting on the Bad Mom turned good. Here's my story....

    It's bad enough as a mom to forget but when your a grandma that's unexceptable! I took my granddaughter to school one day and as they were putting things away I remembered it was her turn for "Show-n-Share". As soon as the other kids started taking out their items my Caitlyn dissolved into tears. We searched my purse for something she could share, coming up with nothing she looked at me and said, "I will just share you"! So I hung around in the hallway for 15 mins. until it was her turn and then she brought me in. The teacher asked her questions about me and then with a hug and a kiss good-bye we were done. I don't know who was happier her or I!!

    Ohhh, the stresses of being in Kindergarten!

  3. nana in the nw - that is a wonderful story !! sometimes grandma's come up with the greatest things, that's why i love being a grandma even more than i loved being a mom !! we don't have any pressures, we just love !

    super O's grandma