We are the champions....AGAIN!!!

Yes, our boys did it! The Stratford Tigers are the 7-time WIAA State Champions for Division 6!! This was the 6th year in a row that they've done it too. No other team in the history of WIAA football has ever won 6 in a row, or even 7 total!!! I can't believe how amazing the football program in Stratford is!!

It was cold in Madison, but we bundled up and it was so worth it. Congrats to the Stratford Tigers! We love you guys!

p.s. My nephew, Josh, was the leading defensive player of the game. He had 10 tackles, 7 individual and 3 assisted. He's such a bad ass! :-)

Update: Josh was named Defensive MVP for the game!!!


High School Football!

Super O! has two male cousins, Josh & Joe, who are huge sports buffs. They play sports, they watch sports, they play sports on their Playstations and XBoxes, they talk about sports...well, you get the drift.

Josh is a junior in high school and has been on both the varsity football & basketball teams since he was a freshman. His high school has won the WI State Championship for their division for the last 5 years in a row and they're going back for #6 tomorrow. Their opponent? A school from a neighboring town that they've had a very long rivalry with. As a matter of fact, it's the school that Super O! is attending. It's also the school that beat them in regular season play and took the Conference Title away from them.

This is a huge deal for our family because one of our own is a star on the team. In their semi-final game last Saturday, Josh kicked the winning field goal and cemented their place in the championship game! After the winning field goal, he was interviewed for the local news and there are tons of write-ups and pictures in the local papers. Our little boy is a star!

Now, I'm not a sports fanatic and I don't really get into football at all but I am totally pumped for the game tomorrow. I arranged to work on Saturday so I could get tomorrow off and we're driving to Madison to watch the big game. So, please keep our Stratford Tigers in your thoughts tomorrow and maybe say a little prayer for them. After the legacy left to them by their upper classmen, they have a lot of pressure to keep the winning streak alive. And the team they're playing beat them in the regular season.

Edit: I forgot to mention that my wonderful friend is babysitting Super O! on Saturday so that I can make up the hours I'll be missing tomorrow. She's the bestest friend ever!!!


What's that over in the sidebar?

I recently became aware of a program through Amazon.com where you can put a link on your blog and if someone uses the link to shop at Amazon, the blog owner can get a small kickback on the sale. Usually I'm opposed to these things...I didn't start this blog to make money after all. I decided to give this a try because one of the payment options they offer is an Amazon Gift Card instead of an outright payment. I have several learning aids (books, DVD's etc) that I'm looking at for Super O! to help with her language skills so I thought I'd see if this could work for me.

IF you plan on shopping at Amazon.com anyway, please consider using the link in my sidebar under the Amazon? heading. It won't cost you anything and we'd really appreciate it.

As Super O! would say "Tanks!"


This apple fell on top of the tree...

I had Super O!'s parent/teacher conference last night. She's doing well in school, but struggles because of her speech delay. With all things considered, she's doing better than expected. One of the things her teacher said is that when it's time to do her work, she's more interested in what her friends are doing and making sure they're actually doing it than in her own work. Because of this, she requires a lot of supervision. When the task is an individual task, she usually fails because she doesn't listen to the directions and does whatever will get her done the fastest...so she can socialize.

When I called Nini to give her the update on Super O! she laughed. Not because she thought it was funny mind you, but because she heard the same exact things from my teachers when I was in elementary school!

After dinner, I had a talk with Super O! to let her know that it's okay to play with her friends but when it's time to work, she needs to concentrate and do HER work. She looked at me with a sad face, like she was in trouble. I told her "Don't worry honey, Mommy was the same way when I was a little girl. I know how hard it is to do the work, but you're just gonna have to do it." She smiled, threw her arms around me and said "I love you Mom!!!"


Coupla Things...

The other night we had chicken for dinner. Super O! finished her leg and wanted to climb onto the couch where I was playing a computer game. I told her to go wash her hands first because they were covered in greasy chicken. A few seconds later she was still leaning against the couch so I told her to go wash her hands again. She looked at me with this 'DUH' look on her face and said "Mom, it's okay...Schatzi licked them!". I replied "Schatzi licks her own butt and eats poo. Now you have chicken, Schatzi's butt and poo on your hands. GO WASH THEM!". She looked at her hands in disgust and ran to the bathroom!

Super O! didn't really get the whole election thing but then again, she's only 5. I took her with me to vote and after we left the polling place I tried to explain what we just did. I told her "The president is like the boss of the whole country." She was okay with this explanation. A minute later she said "Mom, I'm gonna be the president!". I said "Baby, you can be whatever you want!".

As you can see from the button on the right, I'm an Obama supporter. I was so excited to see our country come together for one cause and vote the right person into office. I'm not so naive that I think he's going to be able to change everything in 4 years, but I think he has the right ideas. He's a 'normal' person just like the rest of us. He really 'gets it'. I'm so proud that Super O! will grow up not remembering a time when a minority could be the president! President Elect Obama, I salute you and wish you all the best in bringing our country back to the way it should be!