Coupla Things...

The other night we had chicken for dinner. Super O! finished her leg and wanted to climb onto the couch where I was playing a computer game. I told her to go wash her hands first because they were covered in greasy chicken. A few seconds later she was still leaning against the couch so I told her to go wash her hands again. She looked at me with this 'DUH' look on her face and said "Mom, it's okay...Schatzi licked them!". I replied "Schatzi licks her own butt and eats poo. Now you have chicken, Schatzi's butt and poo on your hands. GO WASH THEM!". She looked at her hands in disgust and ran to the bathroom!

Super O! didn't really get the whole election thing but then again, she's only 5. I took her with me to vote and after we left the polling place I tried to explain what we just did. I told her "The president is like the boss of the whole country." She was okay with this explanation. A minute later she said "Mom, I'm gonna be the president!". I said "Baby, you can be whatever you want!".

As you can see from the button on the right, I'm an Obama supporter. I was so excited to see our country come together for one cause and vote the right person into office. I'm not so naive that I think he's going to be able to change everything in 4 years, but I think he has the right ideas. He's a 'normal' person just like the rest of us. He really 'gets it'. I'm so proud that Super O! will grow up not remembering a time when a minority could be the president! President Elect Obama, I salute you and wish you all the best in bringing our country back to the way it should be!


  1. I love the wash the hands story. I can just see her running to wash those little hands!

    I am an Obama supporter, too, and agree with you that it will take time to see the differences he can make in his term(s) in office. However, we can already feel the difference, can't we? There's a certain energy of optimism and hope in the air that says change is a comin'.

    I am very excited for the younger generation (like you) and your kids (like O)who will be a big part of the changes. It's an exciting time to be an American!

  2. I have tagged you ORKmommy! Visit my blog and you will see.

    I love the dog licking story!!