This apple fell on top of the tree...

I had Super O!'s parent/teacher conference last night. She's doing well in school, but struggles because of her speech delay. With all things considered, she's doing better than expected. One of the things her teacher said is that when it's time to do her work, she's more interested in what her friends are doing and making sure they're actually doing it than in her own work. Because of this, she requires a lot of supervision. When the task is an individual task, she usually fails because she doesn't listen to the directions and does whatever will get her done the fastest...so she can socialize.

When I called Nini to give her the update on Super O! she laughed. Not because she thought it was funny mind you, but because she heard the same exact things from my teachers when I was in elementary school!

After dinner, I had a talk with Super O! to let her know that it's okay to play with her friends but when it's time to work, she needs to concentrate and do HER work. She looked at me with a sad face, like she was in trouble. I told her "Don't worry honey, Mommy was the same way when I was a little girl. I know how hard it is to do the work, but you're just gonna have to do it." She smiled, threw her arms around me and said "I love you Mom!!!"


  1. You are such a good mommy! It is hard to learn to be quiet and do your work when more exciting things are available to you. Like right now, I'm writing on your blog instead of doing what I get paid for. Hmmmmmm.... We might have grown up in the same orchard!

  2. I love reading your stories about Super O! Having a 5 yr. old grandson, I can relate!!

    Focus? Concentrate?? Pay attention???

    These are not words that come to mind when I think of my little guy. But that's OK.

    When I have him I can devote 99.9% of my time to him. Then after we've focused on critters at the zoo, and concentrated on gobbling down that cheeseburger, and paid attention to the scores on the skeetball game at the nickel arcade, I can send him home for his mom or dad to deal with. LOL

    I think it's called payback!!

  3. By the way, loved the pirate costume! That's what Austen was last year. In fact, everything's been about pirates for the past couple of years. It was pirate parties the past two years for his birthday.

  4. My mom jokes about how most grandmothers give their grandchildren cookies and milk...she gives Super O! chocolate and coffee (decaf). And she's not required to eat all her dinner first!!!

  5. I think most of us have gone thru this same type of behavior in our children. My daughter was terrible all thru school. Not that she couldn't do it, it was she didn't want to do it and most often just didn't apply herself. She graduated but the thought of college was beyond her imagination.

    She supported herself and three young children through her early years and today is the owner of her own business which is flourishing. Just goes to show you that success is what you make of it.

    Super O is going to do great! She's got you to guide her.