What's that over in the sidebar?

I recently became aware of a program through Amazon.com where you can put a link on your blog and if someone uses the link to shop at Amazon, the blog owner can get a small kickback on the sale. Usually I'm opposed to these things...I didn't start this blog to make money after all. I decided to give this a try because one of the payment options they offer is an Amazon Gift Card instead of an outright payment. I have several learning aids (books, DVD's etc) that I'm looking at for Super O! to help with her language skills so I thought I'd see if this could work for me.

IF you plan on shopping at Amazon.com anyway, please consider using the link in my sidebar under the Amazon? heading. It won't cost you anything and we'd really appreciate it.

As Super O! would say "Tanks!"


  1. FYI - The right hand side bar does not show up in FireFox 3!

  2. Jim - It does for everyone else I know who uses it!