Happy Holidays!

Christmas was here and now it's gone. We had a wonderful holiday packed with presents, food and good company. Super O! was really into Santa this year, so it was especially fun.

I have some video and pictures to post when I find the time to get them off of the cameras. While you're waiting, here's the loot we left for Santa on Christmas morning.

Santa even left her a note in the card she left for him! Oh my!

Schatzi even had a moment of Holiday cheer and let Super O! love on her. She's not happy that I got it on camera!

And...since Santa has come & gone, Super O! thinks she doesn't have to be good anymore. Look out everyone!

(The pictures were taken with my Blackberry phone, so please excuse the poor quality.)



Super O! had her party on Saturday. We decided to do it at the bowling alley and it was the first time she had her friends at a party. I kept it small, only allowing her to invite 6 friends. As you can see from the pictures, most of her friends are boys which is not surprising if you know my child. It was a huge success!

The cast of characters...

(From left to right - Back row: Tyler, Kyle, Jacob H., Jacob K.; Front row: Kylie, Super O!, Addyson)

Here she is helping Addyson get the hang of bowling. She's only 4 ya know!

And last but not least. Here's Super O! bowling. Not sure what she's doing on the floor, but...


Shhhh...it's a secret...

Guess what Super O! is getting for Christmas?

Now, I know what you're thinking. "That's for ORKMommy, not Super O!" Well, you're a little bit right and a little bit wrong. I want the Wii Fit for exercise, but Super O! loves it for the fun games. She loves the downhill skiing and you should see her doing the hula hoop game. So, this is probably more of a family present, but with times the way they are I'm just gonna pass it off as a Super O! present!

p.s. Her birthday party on Saturday was a huge success. I'll post more as soon as I get the pictures & video on the computer...



We have about a dozen post cards coming from different areas of the country. Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to help Super O! and her Kindergarten class. If you don't know what I'm talking about, read this.

Also, thank you for the well wishes for my mom. She's doing fine. She did find out that her right lung was bruised but she hasn't had any side effects so that's good. We found out that the other person did indeed have insurance. She was planning on buying a new car in the spring so this just moved up her plans a bit. She'll probably get more money to put down than she would have gotten on a trade too. Again, if you don't know what I'm talking about, read this.

Thanks to everyone from Super O! and Super Nini!


Super O! Needs YOU!!!


I'm the Gingerbread Man. My friend, Super O!, was reading a story about me in kindergarten. I decided to jump out of the storybook and come visit you. I know my friends back at Edgar Elemebtary School are wondering where I ran.

Please help them by sending them a picture postcard depicting something about the area where you live. The class will hang the postcard on a large map of the United States. This will help them in their study of the United States by showing them what different parts of the country look like. Later this year, my friend will get to take the postcard home.

You can mail it to:

Email me at orkmommy@gmail.com and I'll send you the address

I know my friends will enjoy hearing from you and learning where I have run!

Thank you for your help. Gotta run!
The Gingerbread Man


Poor Nini!

Super O!'s grandma, Nini, was in a car accident yesterday morning on her way to work. She's okay, but her car isn't!

She was traveling down the main highway, about 45-50 mph, and it had snowed the night before. A car with high-schoolers was coming down a side road and apparently didn't give themselves enough time to stop with the ice & snow. They went right through the stop sign and hit her. She slid about 100' at an angle and landed in the ditch. The ditch was about 6-8' deep and very steep. Had she hit the ditch sideways, I'm positive the car would have flipped over.

She was taken to the hospital by ambulance just to be checked out and everything was fine. Both airbags deployed but she has major soreness in her right shoulder from being hit by the airbag.

The thing I don't get is that of the 3 kids in the car, and the mother who was on the scene within minutes, only the younger boy (about 12yrs old) showed any concern for her. To this very minute, nobody has called to see how she's doing or what the extent of her injuries were. Wouldn't you call to see how the other person was doing if you slammed into their car?

She's fine now, but her car isn't. And I'm pretty pissed off!


She's so funny!

Story 1:
The other day, Super O! and I were going over some of her school work. The page looked like this:

There were several pages with different letters and pictures. We were looking at one and she couldn't think of the word for the picture. This happens to her frequently because of her speech delay. She knows what the picture is, but she just can't find the word. I could tell she was thinking very hard because of her face. She finally looked at me and said "I need to open my brain".

Not sure where she got that, but I told her that mommy feels the same way all the time. Don't you wish you could open your brain and find what you're looking for?

Story 2:
A few days ago, Corey came into the house for lunch and he & Super O! were running around playing with each other. Since it was the weekend, Super O! was still in her fleece footie pajamas. After a while, his back started hurting so he laid on the floor on his stomach to stretch it out. Of course, Super O! climbed on his back so he could give her a horsey ride. He got up on his hands & knees and started to go and she yelled "Wait!!!" and climbed down. She ran into her bedroom and came out a minute later wearing her horseback riding helmet. She climbed back onto his back and said "Ok, now go!". (No, I didn't get a picture...I couldn't find the camera and they quit too soon.)

Story 3:
Super O! has started writing things other than her name. A few weeks ago, before my dad made the trip up from GA for Thanksgiving, she wanted to write PAPA. I helped her the first few times and now she's a pro. The other day, I got out of the shower and she was waiting for me. She said "Mom, come look! I wrote Papa!". I said "Good job honey" and went to see her work...on the wall, in the hallway, next to the bathroom door!