Happy Holidays!

Christmas was here and now it's gone. We had a wonderful holiday packed with presents, food and good company. Super O! was really into Santa this year, so it was especially fun.

I have some video and pictures to post when I find the time to get them off of the cameras. While you're waiting, here's the loot we left for Santa on Christmas morning.

Santa even left her a note in the card she left for him! Oh my!

Schatzi even had a moment of Holiday cheer and let Super O! love on her. She's not happy that I got it on camera!

And...since Santa has come & gone, Super O! thinks she doesn't have to be good anymore. Look out everyone!

(The pictures were taken with my Blackberry phone, so please excuse the poor quality.)

1 comment:

  1. Super O is so darn cute and full of mischief ... I love her!

    I'm glad you had a good Christmas with her. Children really make it special with their own brand of excitement, don't they?

    Happy New Year, my friend!