She's so funny!

Story 1:
The other day, Super O! and I were going over some of her school work. The page looked like this:

There were several pages with different letters and pictures. We were looking at one and she couldn't think of the word for the picture. This happens to her frequently because of her speech delay. She knows what the picture is, but she just can't find the word. I could tell she was thinking very hard because of her face. She finally looked at me and said "I need to open my brain".

Not sure where she got that, but I told her that mommy feels the same way all the time. Don't you wish you could open your brain and find what you're looking for?

Story 2:
A few days ago, Corey came into the house for lunch and he & Super O! were running around playing with each other. Since it was the weekend, Super O! was still in her fleece footie pajamas. After a while, his back started hurting so he laid on the floor on his stomach to stretch it out. Of course, Super O! climbed on his back so he could give her a horsey ride. He got up on his hands & knees and started to go and she yelled "Wait!!!" and climbed down. She ran into her bedroom and came out a minute later wearing her horseback riding helmet. She climbed back onto his back and said "Ok, now go!". (No, I didn't get a picture...I couldn't find the camera and they quit too soon.)

Story 3:
Super O! has started writing things other than her name. A few weeks ago, before my dad made the trip up from GA for Thanksgiving, she wanted to write PAPA. I helped her the first few times and now she's a pro. The other day, I got out of the shower and she was waiting for me. She said "Mom, come look! I wrote Papa!". I said "Good job honey" and went to see her work...on the wall, in the hallway, next to the bathroom door!


  1. I sure do. I know there's a filing cabinet in there with lots of stuff I could trash and make more room for newer stuff!

  2. Super O! is the right name for her! Is Papa still on the wall? : )