Poor Nini!

Super O!'s grandma, Nini, was in a car accident yesterday morning on her way to work. She's okay, but her car isn't!

She was traveling down the main highway, about 45-50 mph, and it had snowed the night before. A car with high-schoolers was coming down a side road and apparently didn't give themselves enough time to stop with the ice & snow. They went right through the stop sign and hit her. She slid about 100' at an angle and landed in the ditch. The ditch was about 6-8' deep and very steep. Had she hit the ditch sideways, I'm positive the car would have flipped over.

She was taken to the hospital by ambulance just to be checked out and everything was fine. Both airbags deployed but she has major soreness in her right shoulder from being hit by the airbag.

The thing I don't get is that of the 3 kids in the car, and the mother who was on the scene within minutes, only the younger boy (about 12yrs old) showed any concern for her. To this very minute, nobody has called to see how she's doing or what the extent of her injuries were. Wouldn't you call to see how the other person was doing if you slammed into their car?

She's fine now, but her car isn't. And I'm pretty pissed off!


  1. Frightening! both the story and the photos. Tell her I send my best and hope her soreness doesn't last long. And, I'm with you...on people not questioning.

  2. I am glad your Mom was not seriously injured. I have heard that the airbags can cause injuries.

    Unfortunately I am not surprised but I am still diappointed by the lack of concern for your Mother of the other driver or his family.
    It seems nobody takes responsibilty for their actions anymore.

    I hope in a few days your mom will be feeling fine.

  3. Wow Orkmommy! That's quite a scene. Can't believe no one was concerned. Glad to hear your mother didn't suffer any serious injuries, but the seatbelt and airbags usually leave some marks. We'll keep her in our thoughts and prayers for sure!

  4. Crazy pics! I'm glad your mother is OK.

    Here I go sounding like a lawyer again but...sadly, it's never a good idea to show concern to someone you've hit in an accident. It can be used in court as evidence of a guilty conscience. Especially if you call them after the fact! Even a simple "Sorry!" can cost you big bucks. "Are you OK?" is about as much as you should ever say. It's unfortunate that that's the society we live in these days.

  5. I hope she is feeling better soon. I would have called to follow up. When my daughter broke her wrist at a birthday party, she got calls from the host parents and from the kiddo who accidentally ran into her.

  6. I'm so glad your mom is okay. An accident like that could have had a really bad outcome. I don't blame you for being upset with the kids and the mom from the other car.

  7. Glad your mom is ok. The pics of the car would indicate that it could have been a lot worse, as you said. Glad you had your mom checked out. You never know what could have been lurking if she hadn't gone to the hospital.

    Some people just don't know how to be polite. I had an accident where the guy tried to rip the passenger side of my car off and almost succeeded. He never called to see if I was ok either. Amazing!

  8. thank you all for your concern !! i just love the internet, so many people from all over the country who become friends just thru blogs & such.

    my only injuries seem to be from the seat belt & air bags, but without them, i'm sure my injuries would have been much worse

    i went to see my own dr on fri,& he said i did have some bruising on my lung, & he was concerned about pneumonia, so he wants me to call him if i start coughing or running a fever

    my poor car tho - orkmommy & were talking & i realized that we bought a new mustang in '87 & i drove that until i traded it in for this car, in 2000 - so in the last 21 yrs, i've only driven 2 cars !!

    once again, thank you so much for your concern, & i'm sure that in a few days the aches & pains will subside, & i hope i'll be as good as new

    Love to all of you

    super nini