Super O! Needs YOU!!!


I'm the Gingerbread Man. My friend, Super O!, was reading a story about me in kindergarten. I decided to jump out of the storybook and come visit you. I know my friends back at Edgar Elemebtary School are wondering where I ran.

Please help them by sending them a picture postcard depicting something about the area where you live. The class will hang the postcard on a large map of the United States. This will help them in their study of the United States by showing them what different parts of the country look like. Later this year, my friend will get to take the postcard home.

You can mail it to:

Email me at orkmommy@gmail.com and I'll send you the address

I know my friends will enjoy hearing from you and learning where I have run!

Thank you for your help. Gotta run!
The Gingerbread Man


  1. What fun for us!!
    Is it okay if I share this with others?

  2. Nana in the NW12/5/08, 2:10 PM

    Oh Teresa your poor child may be flooded with postcards....you know this group!! I would love to participate! You know my e-mail but here it is....ericksm@harbornet.com please send me the address.

    Also, tell Barbwire I said "Damn!! that really sucks!" I'm she came out with only bumps and bruises and the kid's family has insurance. When something like that happens it makes you pause and be thankful for having her in your lives.

    Postcard will be in the mail as soon as I get an address. I have a postcard from Hawaii can I send her that one too?

  3. Nana, you are so right. "O" will be the star of the class!

  4. Hi Orkmommy,

    I sent a e-mail to you requesting the address to send the postcard to Super O and her classmates.

    I think it is an awesome project! Thank you for including us in on this fun adventure.

  5. Sorry Orkmommy,

    I am not sure why my name did not post to my last entry. It should have read Patty. I must have done something wrong.

  6. Yes, I will do this, too! I think I have your address. I will have fun looking for a post card to send.

  7. the postcards from all over the u.s. will make O's teacher delirious !! she told O's mom that in the past most of the kids' postcards came from areas in WI, because most families who are from here, are still here

    so i'm sure since this is a geography project, the more states represented, the better

    super o's nini

  8. Hi Barbwire, how are you doing? Hope you are feeling better.

    O will be getting postcards from so many states! The teacher will ask her to participate again next year. With our big internet family she will be thrilled with the response. It will be fantastic!

  9. hi all - thank you for all the comments & concerns about my health

    i am doing much better, the pain is getting better, & i plan to go back to work on monday

    i know people who had a really hard time driving after a major accident, but i won't let this stop me - i need the freedom that driving allows me, but i have to admit that since the weathermen are predicting more snow next week, i'm a little queasy about the prospect of driving in the snow. I guess that part of the whole thing will take some more time to get over.

    super O's nini

  10. Orkmommy and Super O,

    I mailed you a postcard today from South Dakota.

    O, I hope you have fun chasing The Gingerbread Man!

    Also, I just read about Nini. I hope you are doing well.

    Take care and thank you for including us in on all the fun!

  11. Nana in the NW12/8/08, 8:01 PM

    my postcard from Tacoma and also Hawaii are in the mail. I also sent a note to the teacher asking if she would be interested in exchanging letters with the Kindergarten class I volunteer in--thought that might be fun for both groups.

    I also have a postcard from the Grand Canyon...do you think they would want that or am I being hoggish?

  12. Mine from St Louis is going out tomorrow 12-10.


  13. Mine from San Diego will go out tomorrow. Yippee!

  14. I sent three cards from Texas to the address that was given. (We Texan's don't know the word ONE LOL). I sent one with a picture of the state and motos, etc., one from the Gulf Coast where I live and one with the TX flag and "Don't Mess With Texas". That doesn't mean don't pick a fight with us.... though I don't think it would be wise, but is our anti-litter slogan. It was voted the best slogan in the nation last year.

    Super O will be the Super Kid in her class.