Gingerbread Man Update

When I dropped Super O! off at school this morning, I took a gander at the postcard map in her classroom. There are about 25 postcards and 3/4 of them are for Super O! I plan on taking a picture of it so you can see what you guys did!

Thanks to everyone who sent a card!

Update: I got a picture this morning!

Sorry for the poor quality. I took this with my Blackberry.

Thanks again to everyone!


  1. Thank you for putting up the photo! It enlarges great and there my Arkansas cards are. You made it fun for us as well as the kids. Thanks!

  2. Yaaay!! This is great and so fun for us, too. Thanks for sharing the picture with us.

  3. Oh My gosh, this is GREAT! Thanks for posting a photo ORKmommy!!! I clicked on it to enlarge and am guessing at who of your bloggy pals sent which, based on where everyone lives. I got so excited to see my longhorn one too, lol. Laurie is right that it was fun for us too.

  4. Hi orkmommy, I was one of the first to reply to the email about wanting to be in the Survivor pool.
    Hope you get this but I will also email you.

  5. Thanks Orkmommy for the post. I don't know who had the most fun with the project, us or the kids. I am sure we all had a good time with it.

    Thanks again for the update.