Vacation Baby!!!

Super O! and I are embarking on an adventure of epic proportions next week. We'll be traveling to Georgia to visit my dad & grandmother. She is so frickin excited she can't contain herself. First of all, we'll be going on a plane. How cool is that? Second of all, if you look at a map GA is very, very far away from WI. We've discussed the weather in GA, which is averaging at about 70 the last few days. This means she'll be able to wear shorts!!! Papa is taking her fishing, which is something she's never done. We'll be spending a day in Savannah, which is by the ocean. I mean, what isn't there for a 6 year old to freak out about?

I'll be sure to post pics upon our return. I may be offline while we're there too. I can't remember if Granny has moved into the 21st century or if she's still on dial-up service.


You guys rock!

A few months ago I added a link in my right side bar for the Amazon Associates Program. I just wanted to let you guys know how much I appreciate your using it. I received a gift card from Amazon this morning which has allowed me to purchase a few couple of computer games for Super O!.

She's getting ITZABITZA

And Jump Start Kindergarten

You guys are the bestest eFriends anyone could ask for and this is why...

A few months ago her teachers and I realized that Super O! can recognize letters, numbers and read words that she sees on TV or when playing computer games but when asked to do the same things by me or a teacher she shuts down. We believe that she's afraid of being wrong and looking "dumb". When she's interacting with a non-person there's no pressure. The TV or computer can't think she's "dumb". They've been trying to include more educational videos and computer games in her one-on-one classes like speech and math and she seems to be responding well.

Because of your generosity I was able to order these games that can help her at home. Not that I couldn't afford to buy them myself, but having the gift cards allows me to spend my money on other things she needs like clothes (that kid is growing like a weed lately!!), books and educational videos.

Thank you so much from the very bottom of my heart! Please give yourselves a big bear hug from me & Super O!

I'll keep you posted on how she does with the games once we get them.



Super O! is at such a fun age. She's always saying the funniest things & just cracking me up. Lemme share a few...

Last night at 7pm
Me: You have to go to bed in an hour.
Her: But I want to stay up late.
Me:Fine, you can go to bed at 8:00 then.

Yesterday at the doctors office. We were looking at a book with animal babies & mothers that included a lion & her cub.
Her: I don't want Buddy & Schatzi anymore. I want one of those!

We used to live a block away from my mom. About a year ago we moved 4 miles away. Super O! spent the night at Nini's house on Saturday and on Sunday she told me this.
Her: When we're done living here, I want to live across the street from Nini.

Random from a few weeks ago.
Her: What my heck?

I was playing a Hidden Object game from Big Fish Games.
Her: Mom, can I help you.
Me:Sure. Find a basketball.
Her (a minute later): Mom, I can't find it. My knee hurts too much.

A few nights ago I made burritos for dinner. I told Super O! to go wash her hands before dinner. She threw a fit but washed them anyway. When it was time to eat, I got a burrito shell out for her and asked what she wanted on it. She said nothing. I informed her that a flour tortilla IS NOT dinner. She rolled her eyes at me, told me I was mean & stomped into her bedroom.


Mr. President...

One thing about Super O! getting older is that she's starting to understand grown-up concepts. Leading up to the election in November, her school was all about electing a new president. In January, the kids all got out of class to watch the Inauguration in the auditorium. Because of this, Super O! is very aware of who our president is. She's pretty much in love with Barack Obama.

We turned on the TV a few weeks ago and the first thing we saw was President Obama. Super O! looked at the TV and said "Hey, I know that guy! It's Barack Obama!". I asked her who he was and she said "The president". Yesterday I was watching the Obama interview on 60 Minutes and Super O! was all excited because Barack Obama was on TV. She even dragged Corey into the living room saying "Come look...I have to show you something". When he got there she pointed at the TV and said "Look...it's Barack Obama!". This girl is very proud of our president.

I'm just glad that she's old enough to start to understand what this man means to our country. I have every faith that he will make things better for younger generation. I'm glad that she gets excited when she sees President Obama on TV. I'm glad that our country was smart enough to elect a man who can change things for Super O! Thank you President Obama. From the bottom of this Super Mom's heart.

If you missed the interview, you can watch it here...

Watch CBS Videos Online


Oh my...

Has it really been THAT long since I've posted here? No wonder nobody ever reads this stuff!

I only have a minute, but I wanted to stop in and share a video of Super O! that I took on my Blackberry phone the other night. I'm not sure, but I think she's looking at beauty pageants in her future...

Sorry for the poor quality, but as I said I took this with my phone.

Isn't she the cutest thing EVER!?!