Mr. President...

One thing about Super O! getting older is that she's starting to understand grown-up concepts. Leading up to the election in November, her school was all about electing a new president. In January, the kids all got out of class to watch the Inauguration in the auditorium. Because of this, Super O! is very aware of who our president is. She's pretty much in love with Barack Obama.

We turned on the TV a few weeks ago and the first thing we saw was President Obama. Super O! looked at the TV and said "Hey, I know that guy! It's Barack Obama!". I asked her who he was and she said "The president". Yesterday I was watching the Obama interview on 60 Minutes and Super O! was all excited because Barack Obama was on TV. She even dragged Corey into the living room saying "Come look...I have to show you something". When he got there she pointed at the TV and said "Look...it's Barack Obama!". This girl is very proud of our president.

I'm just glad that she's old enough to start to understand what this man means to our country. I have every faith that he will make things better for younger generation. I'm glad that she gets excited when she sees President Obama on TV. I'm glad that our country was smart enough to elect a man who can change things for Super O! Thank you President Obama. From the bottom of this Super Mom's heart.

If you missed the interview, you can watch it here...

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  1. I like this post. I can just see "O" knowing the President. It's such a visual world nowadays and she will absorb all those images and carry them with her. What a time to be a kid! My kids are your age and equally excited about what we can do with him in the oval office.