Vacation Baby!!!

Super O! and I are embarking on an adventure of epic proportions next week. We'll be traveling to Georgia to visit my dad & grandmother. She is so frickin excited she can't contain herself. First of all, we'll be going on a plane. How cool is that? Second of all, if you look at a map GA is very, very far away from WI. We've discussed the weather in GA, which is averaging at about 70 the last few days. This means she'll be able to wear shorts!!! Papa is taking her fishing, which is something she's never done. We'll be spending a day in Savannah, which is by the ocean. I mean, what isn't there for a 6 year old to freak out about?

I'll be sure to post pics upon our return. I may be offline while we're there too. I can't remember if Granny has moved into the 21st century or if she's still on dial-up service.


  1. Hope you have a super time in Georgia. It should really be beautiful this time of year with spring busting out all over!

    I know you will enjoy watching Super O take in all her new experiences. Heck, I'm excited about it and I'm not even going!

  2. Yeah for you and Super O! Everything is blooming here in the south. I hope you have a great time and I look forward to seeing your pictures.
    Be safe.