Is there anything cuter than puppies??

My aunt Betty has 10 week old puppies. They're mutts but we're pretty sure there's some chihuahua, some kind of boxer and maybe Jack Russell terrier in there. Super O! absolutely loves the puppies!!

One is a boy, PJ, and the other is a girl, Molly. Don't ask which is which because I can't tell them apart!

The only thing cuter than puppies is a kid with puppies...

See...I told ya so!!

Howdy from Georgia!

Super O! is having a blast! She's meeting relatives she never knew she had. And guess what?? The Easter Bunny found her all the way down here! I'll post more pics later of her hunting for eggs in shorts, something she's never been able to do in the frozen tundra that is Wisconsin...

This is Super O! and her Papa. He got her a Nintendo DS for Easter. Right now he's her favorite person in the whole world!!

This is Super O! and Granny, her great-grandma and my grandma. We love our Granny!!

We took Super O! to "meet" my grandpa who died right before I turned 13. I wish he could have known her.

Papa was trying to teach her how to hit a baseball. She's not so good at keeping her eye on the ball but she does alright.

And we'll leave you with this. I just love this face!