Is there anything cuter than puppies??

My aunt Betty has 10 week old puppies. They're mutts but we're pretty sure there's some chihuahua, some kind of boxer and maybe Jack Russell terrier in there. Super O! absolutely loves the puppies!!

One is a boy, PJ, and the other is a girl, Molly. Don't ask which is which because I can't tell them apart!

The only thing cuter than puppies is a kid with puppies...

See...I told ya so!!


  1. I love you pic's of Super O and her family. She is very cute - as are the puppies. I wanna play with them too.


  2. Okay, I can hear her giggle all the way in California. How incredibly adorable can a picture be? Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi, Orkmommy!
    Super O! is adorable! One of these days I'll get my blog up & running & I'll post some pics of my little rugrat. Looks like they are close to the same age. Bet they'd have a blast playing together. Maybe one of these days they will both be posting comments at Jackie's, following Big Brother 29 or something! LOL

  4. Again, so cute. Looking forward to the Easter Egg hunt.

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