Angels among us...

So, a few years ago I met a whole bunch of wonderful people at Jackie's TV Blog. In the last year I haven't visited there much but I have kept in touch with a few of the friends I met via Facebook.

A couple of weeks ago I made a status update about how Super O! wanted a pillow pet in the worst kind of way and she was driving me nuts about it!

This is where the angels come in... Two of the ladies I met at Jackie's TV Blog, Margo & Laurie, took it upon themselves to order one for Super O! as an early birthday present. As you can imagine I was completely floored at the generosity of these two people I had never met in person! Why would they do something so wonderfully nice for my little girl? The answer...because they are two of the best people I know!

Super O! wanted the puppy pillow and it was delivered on Friday. As expected she was over the moon with excitement and has slept with it every night since it came. It's her favorite thing in the world!

She even incorporated it into her Halloween costume...

Thanks Margo & Laurie for bringing such a bright spot into our lives! Thanks for being the wonderful people that you are!


  1. It is such a joy to give from the heart and then see the fruits of that in a smiling face. I could look at that sleeping sweety for a long, long time. She warms my heart. Someday we will meet in person, I promise!

  2. I'm so glad you wrote about this Orkmommy... I had heard Laurie and Margo discussing this while in Vegas and of course, my first thought was that it was such a sweet thing to do. But you already realize that they are two very caring people.

    Thanks for showing it to us and the smiles on Super O's face. She is a little doll.

  3. I am so happy that Super O LOVES her new puppy. From your stories over the years about how funny and sweet she is I feel as if I know you even though we have not met in person. I found out a few weeks ago when I met up with 8 virtual pals that we really do "know" each other without meeting in person. Give Miss "O" an extra hug from me. Oh OK you can have one too. ((ORKMommy))


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